Creativity Coaching

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Tiffaney celebrates with coaching client and author, Yolanda R. Bynum, at Yolanda's book release for Walking In My Womanness

Tiffaney Moore Borgelin
​​                         Life Coach & Holistic Voice Coach

Client, Latricia Penny, performs at Wine and Words 

"My first coaching session with Tiffaney tapped into my soul, as did many to follow. Tiffaney coaches you in all of the areas that may be impeding your creative success. For me, it was fear. Tiffaney helped me rediscover my love for writing poetry and compelled me to host my own poetry events! I have since been commissioned to write original works and perform for other organizations! Working with Tiffaney is more than voice coaching, it is life and creativity coaching. She holds you accountable for the goals you set. You learn that your voice offers healing for you and for all."

Latricia Penny, LPC,

Professional Therapist & Poet 

What Is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity coaching entails assisting individuals with the development and implementation of creative ideas, mandates, and projects from start to fruition. It also means helping people discover their creative talents and coaching toward the cultivation of those abilities.

Whatever is holding you back can be reverse engineered to fuel your creative vision.  Creativity comes in many forms:

*Singing *Dancing *Writing *Acting  *Poetry *Photography 
And so much more...

What is calling you? It's time to answer.

Who Should Request Creativity Coaching?

Individuals who want assistance with remaining focused and motivated toward their creative goals. It is not always easy. However, creating is worth it.

 Sometimes, managing the everyday responsibilities of life can make it  seem like creativity has to be placed on the back burner. Not so. Find out how you can live and create, without feeling like you have to choose between the day-to-day assignments of living and manifesting your creative goals.

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