Producer, Director, Writer, Actor

​"I have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Tiffaney Moore Borgelin's work onstage numerous times. I use the word experience because that's what it is to watch Tiffaney work.  

She is an incredible writer and performer and can affect an audience like few artists I know. Her stories, her characterizations, her spoken word pieces are always original, honest and heartfelt. She often incorporates song into her original pieces, often original ones. Tiffaney has a beautiful voice and whether she is speaking or singing the clarity, control and energy of her vocal instrument is amazing. 

I have watched Tiffaney perform from backstage and the back of the theater. I have witnessed firsthand how she can truly mesmerize an audience. Tiffaney performed her own recurring segment called VOICE in just do it one season, and also performed in a fundraiser for youth I produced. I cannot count how many performers and audience members alike have approached me after her performances and expressed how much they were moved and impressed by her work."