Award-Winning Jazz Vocalist


Lead Singer A Sign of The Times Band


"I’ve been singing a very long time…and I’ve had voice coaches before.  They were helpful in their own right.  Tiffaney Moore Borgelin is in another category altogether! 

I reached out to her for help eight years ago.  I was struggling to reach difficult notes with power and confidence.  It was hurting my self-confidence as a singer.  I think I expected her to give me vocal exercises to execute repetitively.  And she did some of that.   More importantly, she explained the delicate magnificence of the voice as an “instrument” …no different than a fine Saxophone or a priceless Stradivarius!  She showed me how it’s made and how it works, and subsequently, how it must be cared for.  Then she showed me how to use my mind, my breath and my body to execute the sound that I wanted.  Amazing! 

One session with Tiffaney was more valuable than four sessions with other coaches!  Her understanding of the “voice” and her care for her clients is truly remarkable.  For me, there is nowhere else to go…but The Natural Voice!"