In addition to being a sought after holistic voice coach, Tiffaney is also a natural voice consultant who specializes in the holistic care and development of the voice. She is a certified herbalist whose specialization in respiratory and immune system health benefits her clients, as she coaches them toward proper vocal maintenance. Tiffaney has designed and delivered natural vocal health classes to speech and language pathologists, master voice teachers, and vocal coaches, as well as to singers, actors, spoken-word artists, and anyone whose voice is a valuable part of their vocation. She also designed and taught the first herbology courses for Central Piedmont Community College, one of the largest community college systems in the nation.

Like many of her clients, Tiffaney has garnered awards for singing, acting, writing, and spoken-word poetry.  She has been commissioned to write and perform original pieces for The North Carolina Governor's Conference for Women, The Lowe's Pride Awards, The Department of Health and Human Services, and Time Out Youth. She has also been a featured singer on several occasions for The Charlotte Hornets, The Jumper Classic, and various other organizations. 

Currently, Tiffaney travels and contracts with groups and organizations to provide workshops, seminars, and classes. She also maintains a thriving private voice coaching practice in Charlotte, NC, where she teams up with her individual clients to provide them with her unique brand of support and coaching. 

Not only does Tiffaney work with individuals, she is also a gifted group voice coach and consultant. She is called on to teach master classes at universities and colleges and to theatre groups and choirs, as well as to other organizations. A highlight from her group coaching career is her 10-year residency as the staff voice coach for On Q Productions, Charlotte's premier black repertory theatre company. Through On Q, Tiffaney has coached alongside guest directors and theatre legends, such as Obie award winner Lou Bellamy of Penumbra Theater. She also had the privilege of coaching one of the last productions of Dutchman that the play's author, the legendary Amiri Baraka, attended.

​​​​​​​​​​​Tiffaney Moore Borgelin is a professional natural voice coach who is known for her unique nontraditional holistic approach to voice. Her client roster includes Grammy and Emmy award winning singers and voice talent, as well as other award winning vocalists who come from various disciplines across the vocal arts. 

A few defining characteristics of Tiffaney's coaching style include her intense, tough, yet caring approach to the total vocalist. She helps her clients harness the creative and technical aspects of vocalization, while compelling each one to see themselves as both vocal artist and voice technician. While many voice coaches only coach client performance, Tiffaney coaches individuals according to the totality of who they are. This approach requires a more thorough and concentrated effort for each client and her clients willingly attest to the efficacy of her unique methods.  

"Coaching, of any kind, is a calling. This is why simply being a great vocalist  does not automatically qualify a person to be a vocal coach. Coaching is an entirely different discipline.  People are bringing their gifts to me and asking for my assistance. I am humbled by this. I see myself as a team player. I team up with each of my clients and assist them with reaching their goals. This calling is my passion, my privilege, and my joy."

                                                                                      -Tiffaney Moore Borgelin, Voice Coach and Founder, TNV