"I’ve been a client of Tiffaney’s for the past 12 years and though this might sound cliché; Truly, there are not enough accolades and compliments to bestow upon her which fully capture the experience of being under tutelage. She is simply amazing at her practice. With the utmost professionalism, genuine care and on occasion, tough love, she guides you through the process of harnessing your natural gifts, leaving clients with the tools to find the power in their voice.

For the past 10 years, Tiffaney has also provided invaluable services as the Resident Vocal Coach for Charlotte's Premier Black Repertory Theater Company, OnQ Performing Arts. As Artistic Director, she's an integral part of the rehearsal and production process. She coaches actors and singers on everything from dialects for plays to tone qualities and textures needed for musicals. Without question, the voice is such a crucial aspect of theater and Tiffaney continues to encourage, challenge, and guide our ensemble of actors towards the path of authenticity.

Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, Tiffaney Moore Borgelin is a coach for anyone who wants to use their voice to their best ability, in any setting. She is a beautiful soul who brings excellence, truth, AND pure Black Girl Magic, to each and every session. Lastly, but definitely not least, she supports her clients dreams as if they were her own. In the words of Tina Turner, she’s simply, The Best!"


Actor, Singer, Dancer, Poet


Creative Director & Founder of On Q Productions