"I went into my first session not knowing what to expect. I knew I couldn't sing one bit, and I wasn't sure how she was going to be able to help me. After two hours of positive energy and guidance, she taught me things about my voice that I never knew were possible.

Tiffaney helped me realize that there are many more aspects to voice than singing. She has helped me make major adjustments in my stage presence, breathing, and everyday habits.  Tiffaney offers all of the possible time and energy that she has for her clients. To me, this makes her more than a voice coach.

 If you can see yourself as an artist that uses your voice to touch people, I truly recommend Tiffaney Moore Borgelin as a source of wisdom, guidance, and positive energy to help you in your journey."

Poet, Author, Rapper and  Member of the 2010 
Bull City Slam Team-Ranked 1st in the Southeast 
& 3rd in the nation.