"I started taking voice lessons with Tiffaney my junior year of high school. I had taken lessons with other coaches since I was in 6th grade and because of this I had developed a fixed idea about my skill level and what I could and couldn’t sing. My confidence in my voice wasn’t at a high point and I thought that no voice coach could help this. However, one lesson into our sessions Tiffaney completely shattered those ideas that I had about myself.

Her approach to singing not only allowed me to explore parts of my voice that I never had, but she completely restored my confidence in my instrument. I attribute so much of my success in the musical theater college audition process to Tiffaney because she not only gave me solid technique on how to approach a song, but also the confidence in my own instrument. Tiffaney is the best and I would recommend her to anyone."


Actress, Singer,

Musical Theatre Student