Prospective Individual Coaching clients should:

1.  Be 17 years or older.  (Persons under 17 will be considered in special circumstances and with parental permission).
2.  Already be actively using their voice in either a performance or professional capacity.
3. Understand that the first session will establish whether subsequent sessions will be scheduled.

Are you looking for someone to work with your band, choir, theatre group, poetry team, radio or TV station  personalities, telephone customer service department, ministerial staff, etc…? 

We provide workshops or come in on a contractual basis to teach vocal  technique, vocal care, and vocal conditioning. We listen to your needs and provide one of our existing workshops or tailor a plan based on your vision.


​​Prep coaching is provided for vocalists who have a limited or specific amount of time to prepare for a particular event. These individuals can be current clients or members of the vocal arts community who have never worked with Tiffaney. 

​​If you are interested in individual, group, or prep coaching and meet the following criteria, please contact us using the form on our Contact Us page:

Dr. Julie Fortney, Mars Hill University

Dzidzor Priscilla Azaglo, Poet

“Our students were so pleased not only with the information, but also for your spirit in the Chapel that evening. We were blessed with your singing and with the sensitive way in which you responded to the various songs the students had prepared. Thanks for all that you have meant and will mean to Mars Hill College and our wonderful students and staff.”

Dr. Julie Fortney,

Director of Voice, Mars Hill University

"I have worked with Tiffaney since I was a young artist. Every year she has taught, nurtured, and challenged me to become a vessel. She taught me the power of allowing my voice to use me, instead of using my voice. I have had the opportunity to perform on stages around the world because of the lessons she instilled in me. It is an honor to work with someone who encourages and strengthens

me in my artistic journey."

-Dzidzor Priscilla Azaglo,

Poet & ARTivist