Professional Voice Over Artist



"The first thing I noticed about Tiffaney Moore Borgelin's teaching style is that she works from a deep spiritual place.

That alone is extraordinary and beautiful because it creates a sacred and safe space where one can confront and share vulnerabilities, concerns and passions.

The Holistic Voice workshop I took provided valuable information about the care, protection and nurturing of the vocal instrument - all of which was new to me and most others there - and I've been a professional performer for over 30 years!

One by one each student was given a chance to share and without exception EVERY PERSON was given due attention.  No one was rushed or dismissed prematurely - we all felt compelled to be open and honest.

 Tiffaney is knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate, wise and joyful.  Students who partake of her knowledge will reaps the benefits throughout their lives and careers."