3x Emmy Winning Voice Talent,  Poet, Radio Host & Major Brands Spokesperson

"Tiffaney is more than a voice coach.  She is a mentor, holistic consultant, and most important a friend. All of these things are essential to an artist such as myself.  Tiffaney's background and knowledge of spoken word artists was critical in the development of my career.

I found myself struggling physically and creatively to find a new direction for my voice and my work. Tiffaney opened my skill set up to singing and having a pleasing tone. Trust me that was no small feat. 

Through The Natural Voice, Tiffaney offered me natural care options for my voice as well as effective exercises that helped developed my singing voice and ultimately helped me break through my creative rut. Now I am in no way going to be the next Luther Vandross or Usher. However, I do have a more well rounded dynamic show to offer my audience.

With a more full and harmonic voice, I can now ramp up my poems with songs and add to my repertoire.  Tiffaney's  approach to singing reflects her approach to life: come to it with passion and commitment and it will not fail you.

Tiffaney is one of the most dynamic and inspirational vocal coaches in the world and I have the Emmys to prove it. "