About Us

THE NATURAL VOICE is a unique holistic voice coaching service located in Charlotte, NC, specializing in the natural development and care of the voice. Workshops, classes and private coaching are offered to groups and individuals.

THE NATURAL VOICE works with singers, actors, poets, storytellers, teachers, radio and television broadcasters, and anyone whose voice is a valuable part of their craft or profession.

The vision of THE NATURAL VOICE is simple: To help people understand and tap into the POWER OF VOICE. 

"I don't agree, but I do understand why so many people simply stay in their comfort zones... including those on the "fortunate" side of the fence. The payoff: You get to be continuously validated by those who think, feel, behave and live like you do. Exponentially less challenging." 

-Ratasha Huff -Educator,Vocal Artist, Client of The Natural Voice, and so much more...



Let it be...