​​​​​​​"Tiffaney is one of the most dynamic and inspirational vocal coaches in the world  and I have the Emmys to prove it!"​​

-3x Emmy Award-Winning 
Voice Talent 
Boris "Bluz" Rogers

Founded by vocal coach, Tiffaney Moore Borgelin,  THE NATURAL VOICE is a unique vocal coaching service located in Charlotte, NC,  specializing in  natural voice care and the holistic  development of  vocalists from across various  vocal disciplines.  

​Our mission  is to help people understand and tap into the vocal instrument as part of the whole person. Doing so maximizes vocal potential and ensures the overall well-being and voice care of the vocalist.

Singers, actors, poets, voice over professionals, storytellers, teachers, radio and television broadcasters, and anyone whose voice is a valuable part of their craft or profession, have all benefited from our holistic approach to vocal coaching.

Boris "Bluz" Rogers, Client

Toni Tupponce, Jazz Vocalist, Client

There is medicine in your voice. Your songs, your poems, your prayers, your stories, and even your whispers carry medicine."

                                                        ~Tiffaney Moore Borgelin,  Voice Coach and Founder 

"One session with Tiffaney was more valuable than four sessions with other coaches!  Her understanding of the “voice” and her care

for her clients is

truly remarkable. 

For me, there is nowhere else to go…but

The Natural Voice!

​​-​Toni Tupponce,

Award-Winning Lead Singer,

A Sign of the Times Band